New York Cafe


This is the hotel’s beating heart: like a precious jewelry box on four floors, it retains the decorations which made it famous all over the world.

The ceiling is adorned with marvelous frescoes by Gusztav Mannheimer and Ferenc Eisenhut, dating from the mid-XIX century. Sumptuous Venetian chandeliers produce a magical light, and golden stucco work covers the twisted columns: the effect is enchanting.

Entering the New York Café means taking a step back into the past: visitors are overwhelmed by the whim, opulence and refinement of the place. The more time spent in these rooms, the more one begins to appreciate the fascination of the Belle Époque. While outside the bronze Luciferes, symbols of artistic spirit, recall the many painters, actors and intellectuals who have always frequented the café, inside one can appreciate both the proverbial affability of the water and the delights offered by barmen or chefs.

It is a precious piece of Budapest and of Hungarian literary life, once the offices of the magazine ‘Nyugat’.

One anecdote tells of how the famous writer Ferenc Molnár, on the day the café opened threw the keys into the Danube so that it would never close.